Congratulations Charlotte Allen!

We recognize our employees as our greatest asset. Each year at our Holiday Party, we award someone who has exemplified the traits of our founder, Jack Socher.

Honesty: Gives our Customers and Carriers the ability to trust us.

Loyalty:  Loyalty to our company and loyalty to the Customers and Carriers who have made us successful.

Empathy:  Recognize the impact of our actions and care about impacting things positively.

Drive:  A yearning to be better and the ability to take criticism and improve.

Communication:  Communication in a clear, concise, transparent manner.

Last night we came together as a family and celebrated another award recipient. This year’s winner of the Jack A Socher Founder’s Award is Charlotte Allen. Charlotte embodies everything the Founders Award stands for. She started at the bottom and has worked through just about every position. She’s helped develop new departments, mentored fellow co-workers and has provided our Customers and Carriers the highest level of service. Congratulations Charlotte and THANK YOU for all that you do. We are privileged to have you as part of the team.